Boston Marathon Runner Plans 'Buzz Cut' To Fight Cancer

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Marc Theroux agreed to a buzz cut if his $9,200 fundraising goal is met.
Marc Theroux agreed to a buzz cut if his $9,200 fundraising goal is met. Photo Credit: Courtesy Marc Theroux

GRAFTON, Mass. — Marc Theroux is within $737 of reaching his financial goal before buzzing his shoulder length hair to stubble.

His goal is to raise $9,200 for cancer research by April 6, and then run the Boston Marathon with his new haircut, a symbolic gesture to those who lose their hair during chemotherapy.

The proceeds will be donated to the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research at Dana Farber, which researches new ways to treat various forms of the disease. 

“Thankfully, no one in my family has had to battle cancer, though people I have worked with have beaten it,” said the 48 year-old, who is married to Grafton dentist Tina Theroux and is the father of three daughters.

But Theroux started to raise money quickly, almost in an Internet viral way. He said as soon as he created the donation page, his daughters posted links on Facebook while his wife sent an e-mail to a handful of friends and family members. Suddenly, he had raised over $8,400.
Since then he has been busy calling every donor to thank them. 

“Many of the people I spoke to have a cancer story to tell,” he said, adding that he found many inspirational.

Theroux said he hasn't visited a barber in about seven months but will video tape the “buzz cut” and post it on online.  He also said the top four donors will be offered the chance to participate as a guest “stylist” and when he runs the marathon, he will wear a Dana Farber T-shirt with the name of every donor printed on it.

This will be the first time Theroux will run the Boston Marathon, a goal he said he wanted to achieve before turning 50. 

But Theroux is also a personal trainer and co-owner at Optimal Performance Center in Shrewsbury. When asked if that meant he was already in marathon shape, he said being a personal trainer is much like the man who makes his living as a carpenter.

“They are always the one who lives in the house that needs the most repairs,” he said.

For more information about Theroux’s fundraiser, visit his page.

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Comments (3)

To John Dowling...Thank you John. I appreciate your support and your friendship. Thanks for your generous donation and your kind supportive words.

To IamFamiliar...Thank you for your support and your suggestion about donating my hair to a charity. I actually had looked to it beforehand. It would have been wonderful to be able donate to two different organizations with the same initiative. Unfortunately the min. length requirement is 10 inches. My hair currently measures approx. 7.5 to 8 inches. Although I would love to donate my hair to charity, I don't believe I will get to the 10 inches by April 6th. Old man hair takes longer to grow. lol

I've known Marc for many years and he's a good friend of mine. Raising money for the fight against cancer shows you what kind of person he is. Please help Marc reach his goal but more importantly please help the most amazing people/organization in the world, Dana Farber, continue their fight against cancer. No other disease has devastated the lives of the people we love more than cancer... we've all felt it and many of us fear it.

Please consider donating to this wonderful cause and to a great Grafton resident. If not for that magnanimous reason, how about just to see Marc with a "buzz cut". I'll be proud to have my name on his shirt when he runs...

Good luck Marc!

At least he's raising cash which will directly help cancer research, instead of donating the hair to Locks of Love.

LoL is best known of all the places to donate hair, but they only use a fraction of the hair donations they receive. They either throw away or sell to commercial wig makers a good portion of the hair they receive under the auspices of a donation to cancer patients who need free wigs. Neither are their wigs free; they charge on a sliding scale based on the parents' income.

A quick google search for "hair donation" will give a person several alternatives to LoL, if anyone is interested.