5-Time Super Bowl Champs Recognized By Selectmen, School Committee

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Auburn football players celebrate their fifth-straight Super Bowl win on Dec. 1.
Auburn football players celebrate their fifth-straight Super Bowl win on Dec. 1. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck

AUBURN, Mass. – The Auburn High School football team won its fifth-straight Super Bowl more than a month ago, but the congratulations will be coming in for a while. On Jan. 2, it was the elected officials’ turn to compliment the squad.

At Wednesday’s School Committee meeting, captains of the championship team were recognized by both the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen for their season’s accomplishments and their fifth-straight title, beating Tantasqua 33-7 on Dec. 1.

“I congratulate the players and coaches on their fifth-straight Super Bowl win, which makes Auburn High the second school in state history to accomplishment this feat,” said School Committee Chairman Jeffrey Lourie. “This is only overshadowed by the academic success of past and current student-athletes who have attended or will be attending and participating in athletics at colleges, such as MIT, Fordham, Bryant, Bentley and Amherst, just to name a few.

“We’re all very proud of you, and we wish you continued success in all your future endeavors, and you should be very proud,” Lourie added. “That is an amazing accomplishment – five straight wins.”

Selectmen Chair Doreen Goodrich and Selectman Kenneth Holstrom were also in attendance to present a proclamation to the captains.

“The Board of Selectmen wishes to recognize the outstanding achievements of Auburn’s youth,” states the proclamation. “Athletic excellence through hard work and perseverance is a worthy effort to acknowledge and for all to emulate. The Auburn High School football team has performed at a high level of excellence during their undefeated season.

“The Rockets have achieved honor for their fifth-straight Super Bowl championship, and therefore, we do hereby congratulate and recognize the Rockets for their accomplishment as Division 3 Super Bowl champions in 2012.”

Goodrich said that winning a fifth-straight title says a lot about the school as a whole.

“It doesn’t just say enough about your football team, but about the leadership from the principal to the coach to the managers to the athletic director, instilling such values in you that you take this commitment seriously,” Goodrich said. “You keep your grades up, you work hard and you should be very proud. What an impressive accomplishment.”

Captains Aaron Dyke, Kyle Langer and Mike Lavin attended the brief recognition on Wednesday night.

“We just would like to say thank you for having us and supporting us all these years,” Lavin said. “We couldn’t do it without your support.” 

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