Two Hour Delay In Auburn Schools Monday

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AUBURN, Mass. - Auburn will have a two hour delay of school on Monday due to roads narrowed by the weekend snowstorm.

Auburn is one of only a few school systems to re-open after the storm. Several area towns have made the no school call as the area cleans up over 2 feet of snow.

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Comments (2)

Although the timing wasn't great for working parents struggling to find child care, it was a wise decision to cancel school at the last minute. Roads toward the center of town were OK this morning, but a good deal of the bus routes around town weren't up to snuff to have a school bus travel on them.

Kudos to all the plow drivers in the area. This was a big storm to clean up; to be in as good a shape as we are today required a lot of effort. There's still plenty more to be done, obviously, but at least we're not all housebound!