Stolen Jewelry At Auburn Cash For Gold Prompts Stricter Policies

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Auburn selectmen adopt a strict policy for pawnshops and second-hand dealers after a Grafton woman found her stolen jewelry at Cash for Gold kiosks in the Auburn Mall. Photo Credit: Auburn Mall

AUBURN, Mass. — Auburn selectmen adopted a new pawnshop license policy Monday night after a Grafton resident discovered jewelry stolen from her home at the Cash For Gold Kiosks inside the Auburn Mall.

Joyce Deschenes reported women's jewelry, later valued at $9,598, stolen from her Grafton home on Nov. 25, police said.  

Deschenes found and identified her stolen jewelry at the Buying Gold Inc. kiosk in Auburn, according to Detective Vincent Ross of the Auburn Police Department.

Deschenes notified the police, who said they issued an order to the kiosk employees to hold the items so they could be taken in as evidence. 

But when Grafton Police spoke with kiosk manager Katherine Tompkins later in the week, they discovered the jewelry had been sent to co-owner Assaf Sasson in Florida, where it was melted.

Sasson told police he was aware of the hold but said his insurance company prohibits him from keeping gold at the kiosk due to a lack of security.

Ross said he will seek criminal charges against Tompkins and Sasson of receiving stolen property in excess of $250.

The Auburn Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Monday night to adopt a comprehensive policy for licensing secondhand dealers and pawnshops and also put forth a new policy to deal with violations.

"These are fairly new business that you see popping up, and they've certainly created some concern that we need to address," Selectboard Chair Doreen Goodrich said.

Violations could result in the suspension or revocation of licenses, depending on the number or severity of the incidents.

The selectboard has scheduled two hearings for Jan. 28 on the alleged violations 28 for Buying Gold Inc., doing business as Cash for Gold, as well as The Gold Deposit.

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Comments (3)


The detective from Grafton was told it was being held in the managers safe. He made 3 trips to the mall to pick up the jewelry. She refused to call her boss in Florida... There all thiefs. Wonder how well they sleep at night?


Prohibits him from keeping gold at the kiosk due to a lack of security? What's he afraid that his stolen jewelery will get stolen? Oh yeah, hurry up and melt it down. If Sasson is the co-owner, where is the other co-owner? Robbing houses in Grafton, and bringing the loot to the kiosk is my guess. I'm no Dick Tracy but this looks pretty obvious to me.


It's about time. In April, I also was the victim of a break-in. $10,000 worth of jewelry. A portion was recovered at a "cash for gold" kiosk at the Auburn Mall, as well as Hannoush Jewelers.

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