Poll: Obama, Romney Or A Third-Party Candidate?

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Will it be Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or a third party candidate?
Will it be Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or a third party candidate? Photo Credit: File Photo

CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS - Election season will officially come to an end on Tuesday as Central Mass. goes to the polls, along with the rest of the country, to elect the president of the United States.

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One last poll before Election Day: Who will get your vote for president?

  • Barack Obama (Democrat)

  • Mitt Romney (Republican)

  • Jill Stein (Green-Rainbow)

  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian)

  • I will not vote

  • Other


Will it be Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Will a third party candidate get your vote -- and is there a benefit to voting for a third party? Vote in our poll and discuss in the comments below.

And don't forget -- the real election is Tuesday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Make time in your day to vote!

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Comments (46)

Oke doke Republicans. Please don't compromise on any tax increases or spending increases. What we need is a flat income tax and massive spending cuts in all areas.

LOL at "Help save our country, vote Romney/Ryan" I have a cape you can give him. Super Mittens away!

Has anyone actually visited Politifact to make sense of the propaganda BS from both sides? I suspect not.

C'mon friends this election is over and the President is re-elected. It is time to set aside gridlock. We have a lot of work to do - let's roll up our sleeves, put on our USA caps, and work for a better America.

People if you Don't Vote your opinion doesn't matter to Me! Plain and Simple!

Dick Cheney to Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neil "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter" You Republican conservatives now disagree with Vice President Dick Cheney? Why now and not then? Must be something different about THIS President? But what could it possibly be? I wonder?

Libby, you know why, Obama has added more debt in 4 years than Bush in 8 years. Besides, two wrongs don't make a right. Do you ever have anything constructive to say? You seem so scorned.

I don't know where you get your "facts" but it is fiction that President Obama has "doubled" the national debt. President Bush inherited a surplus from President Clinton. 55% of the debt is attributable to the Bush tax cuts, 15% to 2 unfunded wars, and the rest to sagging tax receipts from the economy Bush's deregulation destroyed. Every Democratic president has reduced the national debt, and every Republican since Reagan has increased it. It is myth that Republicans are fiscally responsible. They can't govern because their theories are crap. If we get Mitt Romney we will end up like Europe due to "austerity" measures.

I'm not a Republican, but I can offer a speculation of what's different...

I think it all depends on the amount of deficit, resources, and world power of the country.

If I take out a mortgage that I can afford to pay off in 30 years, then that's great!
If I take out a mortgage that I plan on having my grandchildren repay... well, the bank would not approve that.

Bush and Obama have both put us on an unsustainable financial path that could weaken the country and destabilize the rest of the world... or make China the new stabilizing force. It's our nation to lose.

I'll be voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

maximum, have you been living in a cave for the last 4 years and do you actually read the details of those bills? Employers and employees could / would lose the pretax status of benefits = higher taxable income (for everyone), his "education core" takes out MCAC and puts in "government mandated testing" or you lose federal funding for education - unemployment #'s haven't gone done, people out of work for 2 years just gave up looking or ran out - that's more false info put out by this administration - it will be a bad day in American (added to the last 1,460 of this office) if he gets another 4 years !

Hmm...government-mandated testing versus government-mandated transvaginal ultrasounds...

So hard to choose!

False information about unemployment?
How far down the rabbit hole are you Alice?

Obama is not cooking the books on the unemployment rate, because if he was the lie would be bigger. Like Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

Obama is probably not cooking the books on unemployment. The rate is about where it was 4 years ago when he took office and said that if he can't get it down his presidency would be a "one term proposition".

The unemployment rate is at 7.9%, and it will be revised again after the election (just as rates are always revised in months following).

Last time I checked, Bush is not on the ballot (thank goodness!). If you're assuming anyone is following in Bush's footsteps, Obama picked up right where Bush left of raising the national debt.

Lies? Explain the lie behind Bengazi and blaming a video and spending $70,000 on an ad in Pakistan condemning the video when ALL along they KNEW it was the direct result of terrorists! And the lies don't end there - look at nearly EVERY promise Obama made in 2008 - broken promises!!!


Read the News Articles why Honorable General Colin Powell resigned from the Bush Administration. The last big Lie was what they told him when he made the WMD report at the UN, his assistant has told New's Media that was the last Lie of many for the General to put up with.

'Lie's', why is former President Bush and VP Cheney potentially afraid to travel outside the Country, may it be they may be brought before the Haig and the World Court to discuss some of their possible lies?

How can anyone make an informed decision on Bengazi yet? We still do not have all the information, plus how many times have you heard in the fog of battle things may go off balance. How many of our Service Members have died or have been wounded from our own friendly fire?
I am confident the President will bring those that were involved to justice just as he did with our number one terrorist.

Are you kidding me???????? You're not really going to make me have to go through all the facts again. Off balance? Friendly fire? You're joking right? Everyone knows this was a terrorist attack...including Obama. The only time he will be willing to properly address this is AFTER the election. How convenient. He was right there in front of the cameras assisting the storm victims from Sandy (although many would argue where IS the help a week later). He halted his campaign for 2 days and made himself look presidential in front of the cameras but when it came to a US Ambassador being murdered for the first time since the Carter Administration, he blamed it on a video and went about his campaigning (he was clearly not waiting to make an informed decision - there was no doubt he WAS blaming it on the video). This administration is a joke. ENOUGH about Bush - it's time this idiot in office takes some responsibility. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault.


Remember Debate #2, he said the Day after in the Rose Garden it was a Terrorist Attack, remember the Moderator corrected your man Mr. Romney?

Has not the Sec. Of State accepted any blame if their may be any after a complete investigation?

His Administration will bring them to Justice, just like this Country Number One Terrorist was brought to Justice by his Administration. The Bush Administration and the Republican's left him a Mt. Everest amount of problems that may take #8 or more years to recover from in the opinion of many.

Do you know all the facts, if not it may only be all opinions and we all know what they say about opinions? :)

As far as Hurricane Sandy a lot better then Bush's Katrinia, 'Your Doing A Heck Of Job Brownie'!..lol While their was dead fellow American body's in Grocery Store Shopping Carts out side the New Orleans Stadium remember?

Honestly Huckleberry I am going to debate a wall...YES, I remember debate #2 when MODERATOR Candy Crowly INcorrectly stated that Obama called it a terrorist attack. She of course later admitted she was wrong and feel free to dissect every transcript of Obama from 9/11/12 forward how he actually does everything but call it a terrorist attack - again constantly blaming the video. YOU KNOW that in the Rose Garden, his reference to "acts of terror" was referring to general acts of terror, NOT the terrorist attack of 9/11/12. Even when he was on the Latino TV station, he was drilled about this but refused to call it an act of terror. So please don't try to spin their lies and deceit! And if you need more proof, read the CBS 60 Minutes transcript just released (the part they didn't show on TV - Obama again refused to call it a terrorist attack.

Yes, Hillary seems to be willing to throw herself under the bus despite the fact that Obama says the buck stops with him. Again, he had no problem being photographed in the "Situation" room when Bin Laden was killed and again when Sandy was crashing down on the East Coast but funny (NOT REALLY) he was no where near the Situation Room when the wires came across from Bengazi asking for more security, and clearly stating that they would not be able to sustain an expected attack by Al Quaeda. Again, a coward who only wants to blame others for his failed promises and policies.

I'm sorry, I'm not up on what they say about opinions??? But I know I'm dealing with facts while you deal with fanatasies.

As for Sandy...just ask the people who are freezing in NY and NJ, who have no water, no gas, no electricity. Where's FEMA? What is the president doing about it? NOTHING except commercials for Red Cross so again he looks good. I would only hope Obama learned something from Katrina but apparently not. You probably want to blame Sandy on Bush too.


I'm going out now to work for my candidates, Elizabeth Warren and President Obama.

You have fun spinning tales, fab5.

It's true, look at the Rose Garden transcript. Obama was talking about terrorism in general. Let's keep in mind that the speech was given on 9/11.


Watch that part of the Debate again on Youtube.

On opinions everyone has one, correct?

Both the Governors of NY, and NJ, and the Mayor of NY, have all said nothing but good things about the Presidents actions on Hurricane Sandy.

It will all be over in a few hours, it will be the will of the American Voters shortly.

Facts are stubborn things Hucklberry. I'm not questioning what was said at the debate - that damage is done - I'm asking you to validate the statements from the debate and you simply can't do that. You can't. Spin, spin, spin. 9/11/12 was a terrorist attack that this pathetic administration refuses to address or accept responsibility for. How would you feel if Ambassador Stevens was your brother? I'm sure you would not be patiently waiting for such an investigation to be complete.

I'm sorry I missed exactly what actions the President has taken on Hurricane Sandy. I know he had photo ops but again families have had their houses washed away, millions are without heat, water and there is not enough gas. WHY? And come Wednesday, there is another nor'easter due to hit that area - how about taking action now Obama.

It will all be over shortly -- quite frankly, I feel bad for either candidate because clearly half of the country will not be supporting them.


The only person who may know that answer and what he said and the meaning at the Rose Garden the day after the attack is the President, correct? But in my opinion he explains it in the debate, its an individual thing on how one may digest his understanding, that is why I said for people to watch it themselves if they missed it.

Again we do not know all the facts how do we not know that the new acting President of Libya may have told the President something different about the attack. Or help was on the way to the Embassy? We are still trying to digest the death of Pat Tillman under President Bush's watch correct?

Their is not a night that goes by that I do not think about my friends that died in the Vietnam War, and the empty chairs that will always be at the Holiday family tables. Some may feel every War after Korea may be questionable and who really benefitted from these undecleared Wars? As a brother I would have peace in knowing the President has said his killers will be brought to Justice, and his memory will always be cheerished. But you may also ask that same question to the relatives to those deceased in all Wars, and they may have similar emotions or other heartfelt opinions.

I do feel the President will bring those who did it to justice, but bottom line I have felt the pain of to many Wars like a lot of the Baby Boom Generation. I feel President Obama is less likely to get us involved in a War and he has kept his promise on ending Iraq, and soon the Afganistan Wars.

That is why my family and extended family will be voting for the President.

Huckleberry -

I can't believe that you honestly feel Obama wasn't trying to mislead the American people for weeks over the attacks. Again, tell me why if in fact he was calling it a terrorist attack on 9/12/11 in the Rose Garden (and tried to later confirm that in the debates) did he go on talk show after talk show and address it at the UN as a consequence of the video. Why did the US Ambassador to the UN go on 5 talk shows the Sunday after CLEARLY stating it was a spontaneous attack as a result of the video. You can't have it both ways. It is bad enough that the American Press Corps is always in the tank for any Democratic President and therefore that they REFUSE to cover anything that would jeopardize his reputation. If this had happened under a Republican President, he would be CRUCIFIED. We know more facts about this than you are willing to acknowledge or the main stream press is willing to report. I've lost faith and trust in credibility of the free press.

As for Pat Tillman, our family still has the sports illustrated issue that covered this story so we could share with our children his story in the hopes they would understand the sacrafice Pat made. His death was incredibly sad - as is the death of EVERY american soldier - I think made more tragic that it was the result of friendly fire. But again, STOP going backward to BUSH, this is about OBAMA. He needs to accept responsibility. And I am certain from what I have seen, if you ask the families of the 4 Americans that died in Bengazi that they don't feel they are getting ANY answers. They feel Obama has misled them and has swept this under the rug.

So I get it, you don't like war - NO ONE wants to send our kids off to war. But to make America so weak in the eyes of the world and deflate our military will cost us far more than any war. We will continue to be attacked I believe to a far greater degree than the attacks of 9/11/01 - have you forgotton? We don't need to fight in wars to be perceived as a strong force but we need someone who will defend this country's principles - not apologize for them.

As for opinions, I believe Obama is ARROGANT, SPITEFUL and DIVISIVE! I have no respect for him as a person or politician, not to mention a President. He may go on to win today (obviously I - and the rest of my extended family - not to mention half of America hope he doesn't) but I have no doubt that if he does, this country will suffer beyond repair and then let's see where the blame lies. I'm sure you will find a way to still blame Bush because Obama refuse to accept responsibility for anything negative.


Maximun is right on do you want another #8 years of the George Bush Jr years?

Do you want another questionable War, for our young kids?

Do you want to be wondering if Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, will be their or taking away from you?

All the leading Economist in this Country and the World have said the Big Economic Mess that was left to President Obama. It would take on average #8-#10 years for any Nation to recover from.

Plus what about the 47% Americans that the Government may not care about, if Mr. Romney may be elected?

Fearmongering much? If the country can't get its finances in order, we won't be able to support social programs for the people who really need them.

The only people who should lose social programs are those who can support themselves without them... that's why long-lasting private job creation is important (not census workers) along with making it easier to start a business.

Also, no one is talking about another 8 years... If Romney gets in and does a bad job, then he can be voted out.

Finally, the way Obama is handling the "mess" is to sweep it into the closet for the next guy to open the door and get crushed. He's not fixing the underlying problems by throwing more funny-money at them.

Chris L,

He has tried to get the Country's Finance in order but the wheels of good Government have been gummed up, by the Senate Rule's Fillabuster Policy by the Republican Party and their pledge to a non elected person Grover Norquist to not raise any Taxes...lol.

So people who payed into Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid, should loose them even if their able to maintain a basic lifestyle? If so then I want a rebate check for the 65 years I paid into these programs?

Do you want to go back to loosing #900,000 jobs a month with the same past Republican agenda that Bush used ,Trickle Down Economics?

Most feel he is doing the best job possible without any Republican support, most feel the Economy is starting to turn around check your 401K's.

I would favor a rebate check to those who have paid in, but will not receive services.

Also, filabustering is not an example of wheels of government getting "gummed up". It's legal, and both sides have opportunities to do it. If one party stops another from passing legislation, this is a check and evidence that representative government is working. If Dems are so desparate to pass something and the enough people support it, they can just get a super-majority, right?

@Huckleberry - are you comfortable passing along the out of control debt that our kids/grand kids will have (not to mention that 4 years ago Obama called Bush's debt hike "unpatriotic")? As for the 47% comment, please stop distorting that - Romney said he's not concerned with getting their vote - if he was, it would be like filling a room with vegans and trying to sell them steak - they're not buying! If elected, Romney will help those people get off food stamps, get a job or better job because he will CREATE jobs! As for Social Security/Medicare - really? What has Obama done...nothing which puts that programs in dire jeopardy!!!! At least Romney/Ryan have a plan so the program will be there for our kids! Obama has been nothing but divisive - calling for revenge? This is NOT what we need 4 more years of!!!!


The President tried to do something about the Debt, in the recent Debt debate on Captiol Hill adopting some of the Simpson/Bowl suggestions. The Republicans walked away from the table I think led by you VP choice Rep. Ryan, they did not like the fact the 1% may have to pay a little bit more Taxes. The Republicans are more concerned about what private Citizen Grover Norquist may think on taxes then the people that elected them. If you recall during the Eisenhower years the 1% Tax rate was like 60%-70%, plus why not adopt the same Tax rate as the Clinton years for the 1%?

The Affordable care Act gives an additional eight year's in life to the Medicare Plan, which some say nothing has to be done to Social Security or Medicare until 2025. What has the Republicans done for Social Security or Medicare, or Medicaid, a big flat zero! I trust the Democrats with Social Security, and Medicare, and Medicaid, then the Republicans, along with most Americans.

If you recall when Romney was Governor of Mass we were 47 in Job Creation, LA beat us do to Hurricane Katrinia...lol Their is enough political words of back in fourth on both sides. Ask yourself this question the programs that benefit the average American People, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, were all products of the Democratic Party!

As Senate Minority leader Republican Mitch McConnell said the week after President Obama was elected our main Republican mission is to make sure he does not have a second term. The Republicans have gummed up the works in the Senate in Washington ( Senate Fillabuster Rules) at the expense of the American people, including creating jobs, and in my opinion following Senator McConnell advice?


First of all, nobody's saying that the president didn't try to do something about the debt. I'm sure he made an honest effort. However, just because it didn't pass doesn't mean that it was all the Republicans' fault. I'm not saying that they're blameless, because they probably weren't. However, as Scott Brown's recent campaign ads say, "vote the person, not the party." Just because there are Republicans in Congress who blocked the legislation, doesn't mean that they all will. Mitt Romney was governor working with a severly Democratic congress and senate, and still managed to get his agenda passed.

Also, you mentioned that programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act all serve to benefit the average American. Both Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act are designed to make healthcare easier to access for low income families. This isn't a bad thing but the Affordable Care Act is just going to make it easier for people to be poor. If you don't make much money, you should be striving to make more, not seeing how much money you can get out of the government. Medicaid should be a temporary fix while someone tries to find work. Obamacare is just going to make it easier for people to live off of welfare.

And finally, as far as the 47% thing is concerned, was he really that far off? Sure the number was exagerated (although Obama exagerates just as much) but the principle was still the same. Too many people live off the government for too long, and Obama is just making it easier.

If you watched the dramatization of the operation to get Bin Laden Sunday night on Nat Geo you saw how competent this president really is, and how gutsy, unlike his fool predecessor. Mitt Romney lives in a rich man's bubble and would never have the guts to pull off an operation like this. Four more years!!!!

"He loves this country unlike Obama."

Please get out tomorrow and vote for President Obama. After the last four years, anyone who believes this president is a socialist or doesn't love America or that our country needs to be "saved" from him, is delusional.

We have been so fortunate that there has been a steady hand at the helm to steer us out of the Bush economic debacle, wind down two wars, begin the reform of health care, and protect the middle class from the radical agenda of the far right which would strip women of reproductive rights, further enrich the super rich at the expense of everyone else, and rattle sabers (or maybe bayonets) at the rest of the world.

Vote for the candidate and the party that believes climate change is real; you may then literally "save" our country.

So how exactly did the President steer us out of the economic crisis? Unemployment is at 7.9%, and that's not even counting the people who gave up looking for jobs... who's delusional?

Bush was not a great president, and Obama is not getting the job done either. When the NFL replacement refs made bad calls, they were outta there in no time. Obama has had his chance for 4 years. Time to give someone else a chance.

If we had publicly funded elections and instant runoff voting (rate your candidates in order) we could meaningfully have more than 2 parties without the extra candidates being spoilers. We need to get the corporate interference out of elections by reversing Citizens United. That will probably require a Constitutional amendment. The personalities come and go. The policies must be reformed. If we stop arguing over details we can get busy on what really need to be done.

Rating candidates in order sounds pretty cool... but how do you get either of the entrenched parties to support that kind of change?

Gary Johnson is the true conservative in the race.
Romney supports are voting against Obama rather then for Romney.
Boom Boom's racist post makes the point.

Makes your point that what John, everyone voting against Obama is a racist?

I think I can find 3 people.
But older white males are.

How insightful and not the slightest bit close-minded of you.

NHJIM1: is making my point.

The demographics of how what this country's color will change favors the democratic party. Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, tend to vote democratic. Bush saw the future and was making a big push to include more Hispanic voters through a Catholic message.

I saw the Catholic citizens voters guide. How an estate tax and weather homosexuals serve in the military is a Catholic issue is beyond me. Not a mention of poverty or the death penalty in the handout or the website.

A third party vote is a vote for Obama. Romney may not be perfect (no one is) but he is the better of the two candidates. He loves this country unlike Obama. Help save our country, vote for Romney/Ryan.

Agreed... I threw away a vote on the third party candidate in the last election. I won't make that mistake again.

Totally agree - don't waste a vote because unfortunately there is not way a 3rd party candidate has a chance

Nice to see Gary Johnson polling at four percent. If only he could get that kind of support nationally. Perhaps then the Republicrats would start paying attention.