McGovern Seeks Bipartisan Solutions One Day After Election

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Congressman James McGovern spoke of bipartisanship at a Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce Breakfast.
Congressman James McGovern spoke of bipartisanship at a Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce Breakfast. Photo Credit: Richard Price

SUTTON, Mass. — U.S. Rep. James McGovern, bleary eyed from a long election night, spoke of bipartisan solutions at the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday morning. 

The election behind, he mentioned this renewed vigor repeatedly along with a long term plan for the Blackstone Valley: aid to local farms, investment in small businesses, and transportation improvements.

“There is a time for an election and a time to govern,” he said.  “The election is now over.”

McGovern said that there is a small window of opportunity for bipartisanship before the next election in two years, but that the challenge in the House of Representatives is great because there are so many seats held by members with, in his words, libertarian ideals. 

With the presidential election now behind us, along with the uncertainty of who will lead the country, an opportunity for long term government plans to fix local problems is here, he said.

McGovern flew to Washington Wednesday afternoon to meet with fellow congressional leaders to find revenue and budget cuts that are smart and not, in his words, “arbitrary.”

He wants to see more investment in medical and science research along with an improvement in education.

He is also looking to extend both the farm and transportation bill over five years so more ambitious projects can be built. “Farmers need to plan not just months out, but years.  Same with transportation,” he said.

McGovern said he supports small farms over large agricultural businesses because it will boost the local economy and combat obesity problems.

“One way to control health care cost is—well, food is medicine,” he said.

On transportation he said,  “Massachusetts has bridges that are older than in most states. Local government can’t do it on their own.”

Before his wish list can be filled though, he knows Washington must solve the most pressing problem of all—to avoid the so called fiscal cliff.  In the early days of 2013, large Bush era tax cuts are set to expire along with  defense and non-defense programs.  Both sides agree if that happens, it would hurt the economy.

 Now they have to find a middle ground.

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Comments (4)

This congressman does not represent all of his people in the district! If you are not a union member then your opinions don't matter o Lu his and the organizations that fund his agenda.

Maximus, What kind of standards do you have for being the best congressmen in the country? Maybe he does work hard for his constituents but is he getting things done in his district. Your opinion that he is one of the best congressional leaders, have you seen the approval rating about how America feels about congress? I know, cheap shot. I do not care about which party he is from or what ideological values that he holds, I would like to see him improve the business in Central MA. I would like to see him keep companies like Fidelity from heading over to RI and NH due to our lack of forsight and understanding. I know he saved a lot of public service jobs which I know are important. But on a long term basis, we need more taxpayers and more jobs to fund the public service jobs on a more permanent basis.

My argument is that he has not used his influence and his position to keep some of the successful companies that have left MA. He has his pet projects for farms and infrastructure. He has advocated alternative energies like Evergreen that have not worked out. So I guess that I would judge a good congressman by what he has done to maintain the jobs that we have in our area. I would judge them on how they made use of our tax dollars with companies that have a business model and a proven management rather than a group of people with a bunch of dreams.

If I am wrong, please let me know what he has done that I am neglecting to mention. I would like to learn what he has done from his supporters.

With all due respect, Harpoon, Jim McGovern is one of the best congressmen in the country. He has never forgotten his own humble roots and he works tirelessly for his constituents every single day. He has become a very effective leader and speaker in the House, is an unapologetic progressive, and an eloquent voice for peace and justice.

Since when was he against Massachusetts businesses? Since when was he against jobs?

Representative McGovern, With all due respect, we need jobs in order to buy produce from the local farms. You will not have to worry about obesity if we cannot buy food. If we can get jobs, we can pay the taxes that will pay for the bridges that need to be built. We will also save money because we will be off food stamps, unemployment, and welfare. Why don't you help businesses that are doing well but need help to grow. Why don't you look for the bright spots in MA businesses and help them.