Dog Dies In Auburn Four-Alarm Fire

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Auburn Firefighters fought to extinguish a four-alarm fire at 16 Hampton St. Thursday afternoon.
Auburn Firefighters fought to extinguish a four-alarm fire at 16 Hampton St. Thursday afternoon. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro

AUBURN, Mass. — Auburn firefighters struggled to knock down a four-alarm structure fire at a Hampton Street home Thursday afternoon that left one dog dead.

At about 2 p.m., the fire department received a call reporting smoke from the front of the home, and arrived to heavy smoke pouring from the structure.

"The fire was very stubborn," said Fire Chief Stephen Coleman, who said it fire burned out the staircase in the first and second floors.

The chief said the construction of the home made extinguishing the fire difficult, as firefighters had to chase the fire through the walls and the ceiling.

"We were at four alarms due to the extensive overhaul," said Coleman, who explained the cold conditions and the heavy work inside called for more manpower.

"The cold conditions obviously takes a toll on the firefighters, not to mention the snow that we have to walk through to maneuver around the house," said the chief. "It's very challenging to raise ladders and drag hose lines. It makes it a little more complicated."

Mutual aid included firefighters from Oxford, Leicester and Grafton.

Though there is no indication of what caused the fire yet, the Fire Investigation Unit was also on the scene.

"It will be under investigation by both Auburn Fire and the Auburn Police Department," said Coleman.

The Hampton Street home belongs to David and Debbie Carlson. Though no one was home at the time of the fire, a family dog perished from the smoke, according to the chief.

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Comments (5)

Thank god the carlsons were safe but we will miss snickers

So very very sorry for their loss of home and loved one. Please let us know.
~ Hampton St resident

I'm happy to hear that the humans living in the house were OK, but very sad to hear about the dog. We would also be interested in knowing if there is a way to help this family.

Yes please...we want to help too. So sorry for their loss.

Please let us know if there is a way to contribute in any way towards helping this family.

Neighbors of Auburn Residents