Auburn I-290 Crash Sends Man To Hospital, Slippery Roads Blamed

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State police responded to a car crash in Auburn Monday morning. Photo Credit: Massachusetts State Police

AUBURN, Mass. – A three-car accident on icy Interstate 290 in Auburn sent one man to the hospital Monday morning, according to State Police spokesman David Procopio.

At 5 a.m. at exit 8 westbound, three cars were involved in a crash that resulted in a 29-year-old man heading to UMass Memorial Medical Center for injury evaluation, Procopio said. An Auburn Fire Department ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Procopio said the 29-year-old man was driving a GMC Envoy, a 28-year-old man who did not suffer any injuries was driving a Pontiac Grand Am, and a 51-year-old man who did not suffer any injuries was driving a Chevrolet Sierra. The Envoy and Grand Am were towed, according to Procopio.

“The crash was most likely as a result from icy roads,” Procopio said. “There have been numerous crashes, spin-outs and rollovers in Central Massachusetts over the past 24 hours due to icy conditions. Thankfully they haven’t been too serious for injuries.”

He said similar conditions are expected for Monday night’s commute, so he reminds drivers to use extra caution when driving on slippery roads.

“People are reminded to go slow and leave extra space in front of them,” Procopio said. “Drivers need to use extra precaution when using off- and on-ramps.”

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They always take the ride to the hospital in the ambulance, that way it looks better when you go to sue the insurance company.

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