Auburn Fire Captain Offers Holiday Safety Tips

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The Auburn Fire Department has provided safety information for the holiday season.
The Auburn Fire Department has provided safety information for the holiday season. Photo Credit: Rick Sobey

AUBURN, Mass. – The Auburn Fire Department wants residents to remain safe this holiday season. The following are holiday safety tips from Capt. Glenn Johnson:

If you are using a cut Christmas tree:

  • Make sure you keep it away from heat.
  • Water the tree daily.
  • Use a non-tip style tree stand. This will minimize the chance of the tree falling over.
  • Use only fire-retardant decorations.
  • Never leave a lighted tree unattended.
  • Dispose of your tree properly, soon after the holiday before needles dry out.
  • Place the tree out of the way of doorways and exits.

If you are using an artificial tree:

  • Make sure the tree has a fire-retardant label.
  • Never hang lights on a metallic tree.     

When it comes to your holiday lights:

  • Unplug all lighting before retiring for the evening or leaving the house.
  • Purchase lights and electric decorations that are listed by an approved testing agency, such as       Underwriters Laboratory.
  • Check all lighting for frayed wires, broken plugs, sockets, etc.
  • Never overload outlets. Use no more than three strands of lights on a single extension cord.
  • Never use candles on trees, near live or other flammable decorations.
  • Blow out candles before leaving the room. Don’t leave candles burning unattended.
  • Consider buying new energy efficient LED lights that don’t get as hot.
  • Always use appropriate weatherproof lights outdoors.

Deep-Fried Holiday Cooking:

  • Never deep-fry a tukey inside your home; one little mistake could cause your home to catch fire.
  • Cordon off the cooking area; keep pets and children out of the cooking area.
  • Make sure your deep-fry burner has a very sturdy base.
  • Get a big deep-fry pot, something around 34 to 36 quarts.
  • Keep the turkey to a manageable size, 8 to 12 pounds.
  • Know how much oil will safely fit in your deep-fry pot; don’t forget the turkey is going to displace quite a bit of oil.
  • Shut off the fuel when adding your turkey to the oil. This will prevent any overflow oil from hitting a flame and causing a fire.
  • Wear high quality oven mitts or gloves and lower the turkey into the pot slowly.

The Auburn Fire Department hopes that everyone has a safe and happy holiday. 

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