Letter: Simonian Criticizes State Leadership

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Stephen R. Simonian
Stephen R. Simonian

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To the Editor:

I was thinking today about the negative voter comments I have heard in the last few months in regard to how the majority of you view Massachusetts and the direction in which we are being led.  Some politicians choose to ignore it, and some think that people just have a lousy attitude.

I have a completely different thought; during my six years in the US Navy, I reported to a very wise chief, who used to preach the phrase, "Attitude reflects leadership!"

Think about that for a minute, and then recall any group, club and/or team you have ever been associated with in your life.

The successful ones had leaders that were part of the team:  they gave direction, taught, led by example, and did not have the "do as I say, not as I do!" mentality.

Now, think of the teams or groups you hated being part of and recall the leadership. Things were no doubt a mess, there was no unity or a team concept, there was most likely chaos and back stabbing, and cliques within the group that were detrimental to its success and the leader(s) was/were blind to it, or simply didn't care. They were only interested in furthering their own agenda, and taking care of themselves and their buddies in the group.

Does this sound familiar?

We don't have leadership that understands! It is a free-for-all on Beacon Hill, full of narcissists who have forgotten they asked for our support, and promised to represent our wishes, our ideals, and our best interests. Of course, that is not everyone; we do have some good leaders that get it, they remember they work for us, and attempt to work with us. Unfortunately they seem to be outnumbered.

District by district, we need to be a team, all working toward the common goal of making Massachusetts better, with our basic freedoms and rights, provided for within the U.S. Constitution as our guide in working toward achieving this common goal.

Why are we so fractured? Why are we going in separate directions, where the only role we play on the team is to be the "bottomless pit" of money to fund the chaos and cronyism?  If we are going to be the funding mechanism for Beacon Hill, shouldn’t we expect our elected leaders to be as responsible with their budgets as we are with ours, and hold them to it?

Every election cycle is an opportunity to review the performance of the incumbents, and an opportunity to interview both the incumbent and the challenger.

Given Massachusetts’ recent legacy of corruption, lies, and scandal, how do I as a candidate for the 2nd Worcester District State Senate seat, refute the voter claims that, “All you politicians are corrupt?” We absolutely deserve better than that from our elected officials!

During the six years I served in the US Navy, every time we went to a foreign port we received a port brief, and without fail, we were reminded that we were representing every United States citizen, in that if we acted poorly, it reflected not just on us individually, but that the people of that country would see our behavior as representative of every American.

So again, given the behavior of politicians in Massachusetts, is anyone really confused as to why the majority of the voters have lost their faith in so many of them?

If you believe in a better Massachusetts, if you believe things are not working and our elected officials are not leading us, and that they are no longer representing us, do your homework, review your candidates, and make a choice that sends a clear message to Beacon Hill, tell them you believe we are moving in the wrong direction!

As Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Now is the time for us to change this vicious cycle.


Stephen R. Simonian

Candidate for State Senate

2nd Worcester District

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Comments (4)

Blah blah blah. Come on Steve. enough

If you want change, don't vote for the incumbent. The longer most politicians are in office, the more corrupt they are.

And Stephen might want to double check the source of that quote ....

I'm not sure who Simonian thinks he's running against, the state of MA or Senator Mike Moore. Some people think politicians are corrupt, some dont! Its always like that. And Senator Moore is definitely not one of the bad guys. In fact, his leadership is exactly the kind we need: responsive, accessible, results-orriented. The most I get from Simonians rambling is that he doesnt have a clear idea of what he would do, or even do differently. No specifics, no clear vision, no platform to speak of.

I'm not sure Mr Simonian did himself any favors with this long statement. His fundamental idea, which is hard to weed out, is that good leadership equals teamwork? Democracy is about both agreeing and disagreeing, and doing whats right for both your constituents and the state, not the other way around. I think Mr Simonian not only has a skewed view of what a Senator should do, but has a bizarre and convoluted way of explaining it. I dont want my State Senator to run the district like the Navy!! After reading this, I seriously question Mr Simonians ability to lead much of anything.