Letter: Marathon Walk-A-Thon For Seshu In March

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Photo Credit: Rao K Kandukuri

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To the Editor:

This is Seshu's dad - Rao K Kandukuri from Grafton.  You might be aware of my son's battle against cancer but we, his family that keeps his spirit alive, is extending the support to other needy families  by doing some charity events. 

We are planning a "Cancer Awareness Walk" at Grafton High School on Saturday March 9 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.   Please attend since it is a community event.

I am sharing this information with you for a few reasons:

  •  There was a great loss in my family but the hope, strength, courage and spirit showed by Seshu during his battle with cancer sustains us all.  So we wanted to keep his spirit alive and move on.
  •  One day a cure for cancer will be found so no one will lose their loved one.
  •  Grafton High School, the community,and friends, especially Seshu's classmates, gave us great support from the day my son was diagnosed with cancer till today.  We  wish to extend it wherever there is a need. 

 The 'Seshu Strong'  walk team raised $14,337.20 in 2012. In 2011, we raised $12,495.  Seshu walked with us that year and by completing the 26.2 miles walk he gave us lot of motivation and strength that is carried forward to the present in his memory.

 In 2013 the 'Seshu Strong' team is once again committed to the Jimmy Fund Walk.  Please visit our fundraising site for more information

Please join us on Saturday, March 9 for the "Cancer Awareness Walk" at Grafton High School. It's a free event and recognized by the Jimmy Fund. Details are on our Facebook page.  The first 50 registrants will receive 2012 Jimmy Fund Walk T-Shirts.

Seshu's spirit and courage continues to motivate me, my family and his friends.  For more details about our  past and future events, visit SeshuStrong.org.

We are very thankful to our community and friends for their continued support.


Rao K Kandukuri
Seshu's Dad

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