Letter To The Editor: Vote For Timothy Hicks

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Timothy Hicks
Timothy Hicks

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Dear Editor:

I am writing to endorse incumbent Selectman Timothy Hicks for another term on the Auburn Board of Selectman. Tim has proven over the last three years to be a non-polarizing balanced and level headed leader on the Board of Selectman. Tim consistently represents the people of Auburn fairly and in a professional business-like manner, he has consistently represented all of Auburn's citizens fairly and equally.

Tim's balanced non-controversial approach has made him a key influence to bring forward many great improvements that Auburn has enjoyed over the last three years. Tim's leadership builds positive relationships and has been key in developing partnerships with local business owners, fellow board members, past and present elected officials across all of government.

Tim continues to provide the cooperative leadership necessary to bring Auburn forward as a sustainable community of the future. Tim has proven he will strive to build relationships in cooperation with Town Management, local business and other community leaders. Tim was one of the first members of the Board of Selectman to pledge his support to Auburn's education program by supporting a non-tuition based Kindergarten and various initiatives brought to the Board of Selectman during my term. Tim would routinely approach me and ask if there were any way he could further support good investments in Auburn's education initiatives.

Tim has proven to me that he believes in fiscal responsibility and strategic planning for growth and economic development while strongly supporting education in Auburn. It gives me great pleasure to respectfully request that my supporters join me in supporting Timothy Hicks for Auburn Board of Selectman.


Todd M. Hammond

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