Letter: Beth Tikvah to Stay at Boroughs JCC

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Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi (file photo)

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On May 30, 2012, I read the article “Boroughs JCC Looks to Future, Beth Tikva Could Merge With Marlborough Temple” with concern. The issue is not the article itself, but the headline.  Reading this headline alone, one might assume that while the Boroughs JCC is looking towards a future, Beth Tikvah is not. A much more accurate headline would have been “Boroughs JCC Looks to Future, Beth Tikvah to Remain in Current Location.” Our Synagogue continues to be financially healthy, and has no plans to relocate or merge at present. Beth Tikvah will stay at its current location with the Boroughs JCC for our next fiscal year, July 2012 through June 2013. 

In the last two years the Boroughs JCC has come close to closing its doors twice, leaving Beth Tikvah, its tenant, in the lurch. Considering this history, it is prudent for Beth Tikvah to examine all options regarding our future. These include renting another location in Westborough, purchasing our own property, co-locating with another Synagogue, merging with another Synagogue, or staying in our current location. For you to put in a headline that we could merge with a particular Temple is at best merely misleading and at worst dangerously disingenuous. Additionally, even though there is a reference to BTS president Bob Siegel in your article, he was never actually contacted by your organization about the information you published.

During the next year, we will use this time to assess our options in light of our current needs and future goals. After reviewing all the available alternatives, the congregation will decide where we will call home. In the meantime, Beth Tikvah Synagogue looks to a promising future in our current location.

EJ Dotts
Vice-President Membership
Beth Tikvah Synagogue

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