Update: More Snow Is On The Way To Central Massachusetts

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More snow could be on its way toward Central Massachusetts.
More snow could be on its way toward Central Massachusetts. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck (file)

SHREWSBURY, Mass. —  Forecasters say a fast-moving storm will miss the Central Massachusetts area Wednesday night, but we could still be in for some snow this weekend.

"We will successfully dodge the potential snowstorm tonight as it passes harmlessly out to sea with nothing more than flurries late tonight if anything at all," stated Shrewsbury weather analyst Jim Arnold said on Wednesday morning. "Coastal Massachusetts might see as much as an inch, but even there this will be mostly a non-event."

The National Weather Service is calling for a 30 percent chance of snow Wednesday night. Highs Wednesday will be near 40 degrees, with lows near 28.

The NWS is predicting a partly-sunny Thursday, with a high near 42 and a low near 32 Thursday night.

Arnold is still warning of another storm that could bring additional snow this weekend. We may see 4 to 8 inches of accumulation between noon Saturday and early Sunday, he said.

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Comments (4)

There's now a 60% chance snow might happen Saturday night -- slightly better odds than a coin toss. The NWS doesn't even deign to mention accumulation of any sort. So my layman's translation is: 60% chance of a dusting. Shiver me timbers.

Jim Arnold's forecast of 4-8 inches of snow must be for someplace other than central Massachusetts. Which is a kinder assumption than acknowledging that he's about as accurate as the Boston TV meteorologists.

More Richard Jubinville, please.

weather.gov is now predicting 40% chance of snow on Saturday night.

The National Weather Service (http://www.weather.gov) predicts a fairly balmy week with little precipitation until Tuesday -- which is rain, not snow.

Why has the Daily Voice switched to Jim Arnold of Shrewsbury, whose predictions are rarely more accurate than the coin-toss methods of Boston TV meteorologists?

Richard Jubinville of Leicester, the previous backyard meteorologist used by Daily Voice, has/had a much better record of accuracy.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it -- and your "fix" done broke it.

More Jubinville, less Arnold . . . please.