Turtle Rescue League Saves Hundreds

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Photo Credit: www.turtlerescueleague.com

AUBURN, Mass. - The Turtle Rescue League was able to save hundreds of turtles this season by posting bright yellow signs all over town advising residents to brake for turtles while traveling out on the road.

Founded by Alexxia Bell and Natasha Nowick, the Turtle Rescue League is a non-profit organization based in New England with 130 staff volunteers from across the United States.

The team has posted approximately 60 turtle-crossing signs along roads in Auburn, Millbury, Oxford, Dudley, Southbridge, Sturbridge, Webster and Worcester.

According to Bell, this year, the league was able to save approximetly 600 turtles - double the number they helped last year.

"I want to thank all who helped in any way. Some of you helped make signs, some drove hurt turtles to the hospital, some were helping them cross streets and so much more. All of that effort and hard work saved hundreds of turtles lives," Bell said.

The team houses turtles of various species including box, snapping and red-eared sliders inside a sanctuary that replicates their natural habitat. The sanctuary in Webster, built by Bell and Nowick includes filtered pools of water, greenery, mulch, and small sun deck areas where the turtles can absorb sunlight provided by UVB lamps.

The sanctuary provides a safe environment for turtles in rehab or for pet turtles in need of care until they can be adopted.

Anyone interested in joining the league or sea turtle rescue efforts on Cape Cod should visit http://turtlerescueleague.com/getinvolved/str.html.

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