Nemo's Coming, Central Mass., And He’s Angry!

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The snowstorm named Nemo by the Weather Channel has sparked a conversation on Twitter. Photo Credit: Twitter/@ItsStormNemo

CENTRAL Mass. – The blizzard that has set a bull’s-eye on Massachusetts, potentially dumping over two feet of snow, has been dubbed Winter Storm Nemo by The Weather Channel.

Nemo is a “Greek boy’s name meaning ‘from the valley’, means ‘nobody’ in Latin,” the channel said on their website.

The National Weather Service makes no mention of the name on its website, though a few media outlets have latched on.

But to many, Nemo is the cute animated Disney Pixar fish, not a storm that could leave thousands stranded in their homes without power. And unlike the movie title, it’s not likely anyone in Massachusetts will have trouble finding  this storm. It will most certainly find us.

On Twitter, Nemo_Blizzard said, “Fish are friends, not blizzards”.

Another said, “I think it's mean to name a crippling blizzard after a cute cartoon fish, as if women named Katrina and Sandy haven't suffered enough.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter follower named Nate said, “Nemo spelled backwards is omen…if you’re into that kind of thing.”

What do you think of this name? Post your comments.

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Comments (2)


LOVE IT! Great picture and story.

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