How Well Was Snow Removed In Auburn?

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Snowbanks were high in the aftermath of the storm.
Snowbanks were high in the aftermath of the storm. Photo Credit: Sally Burke

AUBURN, Mass. - A small army of plow drivers took to the streets Friday and worked throughout the weekend to keep the roads in Auburn clear.

In the aftermath of the snowstorm, which dropped 2 feet on the region, roads remain narrow on many streets and some towns, including Northbridge, have called off school to allow more time to clear the streets.

How are the roads where you live? What do you think of the snow clearing job in your town? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Comments (6)

Great job! My mother's street in Rochdale was not plowed until 4pm. Thank you for all the long hours!

You plow guys are fantastic. If anyone has a complaint, they best take a ride to Springfield. We went out there Sat. night around 5:30 PM to bring my elderly Mom food and medicine. NOT ONE sidestreet was plowed!!!! We could not get to her. The side streets had 2 feet of snow...not even one swipe down since Friday! God forbid there was a fire or someone needed an ambulance...they would not have had a chance. So, don't EVEN think of is not greener on the other side. Thank you so much for the fantastic job plowing!

Good job of getting streets open. Hope they are not done as some are very, very narrow. Thanks for the efforts.

A big thank you to all the plow drivers in the area. I know when a storm comes, those guys are on the road until the job is done, no matter what. The fact that most roads are passable in relative safety is great. I agree with Town Resident, though. Please continue the cleanup (after the plow guys get a nap and some nutrition)!

Town did a good job. With a storm of this size, it is expected that all roads would not be perfect a day or two after. I would expect, however, the cleanup to continue, please!

Church St was a mess this morning? Other than that the rest looked pretty good!