Grafton Ready For Its Closeup In Lifetime Movie Nov. 24

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The Grafton Country Store is featured in several scenes of "The March Sisters at Christmas." Photo Credit: Lifetime
The film stars Julie Berman, Melissa Farman, Kaitlin Doubleday, Molly Kunz, Justin Bruening and John Shea. Photo Credit: Lifetime
Grafton's 35 North St. doubles as Orchard House in "The March Sisters at Christmas." Photo Credit: Lifetime

GRAFTON, Mass. - For two weeks in August, a movie crew brought Christmas to Grafton. The fruits of that labor will be revealed on Nov. 24 when "The March Sisters at Christmas" premieres on the Lifetime cable network.

The film, shot in Grafton under the name "Orchard House" during an August heat wave, is part of the network's "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" holiday blitz. It will air Nov. 24 at 8 p.m. and Nov. 25 at 12 a.m. and 5 p.m.

"The March Sisters at Christmas" is a modern re-telling of Louisa Mae Alcott’s "Little Women," with parts of Grafton and Worcester subbing for Concord.

Grafton residents were featured in scenes filmed at the Grafton Country Store and Grafton Common and a historic home at 35 North St. served as the March family's home.

The film stars Julie Berman, Melissa Farman, Kaitlin Doubleday, Molly Kunz, Justin Bruening and John Shea.

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Comments (13)


Zombies? Vampires? No? Aw gee...


It is the new millenuim's version of "Ah, Wilderness".

Voice of Reason:

What a kick in the shorts...Lifetime movie? Yikes!

Kris M.:

It was Elmwood Adams Hardware. I was also an extra in the store. It was so much fun!! Thanks Jen for finding that photo, that's me and my other extra at the counter. So cool!!


You might see the backside :) of me, my fiance and daughter in a nighttime scene outside the country store if that scene doesn't get cut. Either way it will be fun to watch a movie that was filmed in Grafton.


I was an extra in this movie :) I'm in the hardware store scene.

girl next door:

Where was the hardware store scene shot?
I checked the filming locations for "The March Sisters at Christmas" but they are not listed on IMBd yet. All that is listed is the cast, crew and that it is a comedy basically.


I found a picture of it when I was looking for stills to go with the story. If it's Koopman's, I missed it:

girl next door:

That must be Elwood Adams on Main Street in Worcester. I haven't been in there for years but it looks like the neon clock says Elwood Adams since 1782. Thanks for the link.


I know of one, but can we get the names of the other Grafton residents who may be seen in the movie?


I don't have a full list. The day they were shooting inside the Country Store, I spoke to Barbara and Erika Smith and Jen and Devon White. I don't know if the Sontags, who own the store, ended up in a scene. I know a few Grafton residents, including one of the Scarlett girls, ended up in a theater scene shot in Worcester. And a Grafton fire truck and a few firefighters may be in one scene. We really won't know until we see the finished product who actually made the cut in a recognizable way (I was a shoulder in a very quick cut in a Gardner diner in "School Ties").

Kathy M.:

It will be fun to watch the winter scenes while remembering that it was the hottest weather that we had all summer, while they were filming! Can't wait to see it!

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