Enjoying The Warmth And Sun? Not So Fast, Central Mass.

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Expect more snow in Central Massachusetts this weekend.
Expect more snow in Central Massachusetts this weekend. Photo Credit: NOAA

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — Enjoy the warm sunshine while it lasts, Central Massachusetts, because forecasters say we'll soon be back in winter's icy grip.

“Winter is not close to being done with us yet,” said Shrewsbury Weather Analyst Jim Arnold.

Conditions Friday were almost spring-like, with highs approaching or exceeding 50, sunny skies and light winds. However, Arnold said those conditions are known as a “weather breeder,” and we'll soon enter a long period of wintry wind, snow and falling temperatures.

Clouds will increase Friday afternoon, and a weak storm will start spreading occasional light snow between 8 to 10 a.m. Saturday. Arnold said to expect about 1 inch by mid-afternoon.

A second snowfall will start between 6 and 8 p.m. Saturday and will continue well into Sunday. The National Weather Service is predicting a 60 percent chance of precipitation for Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night, and a 40 percent chance on Sunday.

Temperatures will be in the high 20s Saturday and Saturday night, and will likely fall to the low 20s during Sunday.

“Overall, I still expect to see from 4 to 8 inches of new snow over Central Massachusetts,” Arnold said.

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Arnold's "4-8 inches" went to the Cape for the weekend. Its cousin "1-3 inches" is keeping central Mass. company in the meantime -- much closer to 1 than 3 this morning, despite Jim Arnold's wishful thinking.

More Jubinville, please.