Don’t Get Too Used To Warm Weather, Auburn

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Icicles on an overhang at the Shrewsbury Public Library Monday. While warm weather is in our immediate future, don't expect it to last.
Icicles on an overhang at the Shrewsbury Public Library Monday. While warm weather is in our immediate future, don't expect it to last. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck

SHREWSBURY, Mass. - While central Massachusetts is enjoying a warming trend this week, Shrewsbury weather analyst Jim Arnold has a warning -- don’t get used to it.

While temperatures are expected to rise through the 40s and possibly into the 50s into early next week, Arnold stated: “There are indications that bitter cold arctic air will plunge southward into the upper Plains around mid-week next week, and the cold air will push to the East Coast by the end of next week.”

It gets worse. Arnold is predicting more arctic air to follow, and much of the United States. will be gripped by below-normal temperatures by the end of January.

“It appears that we will keep some snow cover, which will keep temperatures lower than if we had bare ground.  There could be several nights where temperatures in the usual area cold spots drop well below zero beginning around January 20,” he said. “Should this pattern lock in, we could see very cold weather well into February.”

This could mean cars could have trouble starting. It also could mean pipes may freeze.

“Right now, I can’t say with any certainty whether or not this cold pattern will bring storminess with it,” Arnold said. “A thermal boundary will exist along the leading edge of the arctic air and this could roughly be the track of storminess that develops along the Southeast coast of the U.S. The question is whether the cold will be robust enough to drive the thermal boundary far enough offshore to keep potential storminess to our south and east.  As a rule, this is what happens, but each situation is different and this needs to be carefully watched.”

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Even if Global warming is real... It is not a major priority right now... people are not dieing from a few warm days ...

That’s the problem with global warming, as soon as there is a cold spell or a snow storm, you get this knee jerk reaction from the conservatives who hate the environmentalists. “See that just proves there is no global warming” However, the science and statistics don’t lie. I know you could give me some Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck or Fox News study that contradicts global warming. But the “real” science doesn’t lie. These have been the two hottest decades on record and it’s getting worse (see Australia right now) Just a Gut, I assume that you are older than twenty, so what’s your true gut feeling? Are these summers even a little hotter than the ones of your youth? Are the storms now a little more severe? Maybe? Come on say it. I know you hate to but...Li, Li, Lib Liberal is right! Now don’t you feel better?

Lang1, thank you for a well thought out response, and I agree with what you said. Liberal, yes last year was a lot normal than usual. Also like I said, the year before we had record setting snow. If you average it all out, it comes right into what the numbers over MANY years end being for the average.
As far as the storms being a little bit more severe, did you ever hear of the blizzard of '78? The perfect storm that the movie was made about? The hurricane that hit Worcester years ago? They were saying for the last couple of years, based on past numbers, that the east coast was due to be hit by a Hurricane like Sandy. It had been years since one that bad came up this way.
All that said, I do agree that some of the things we do does not help the environment. But when someone pushing global warming off on others goes around crying the sky is falling and making predictions that do not come true, it does not help their cause. Then when called on it, instead of coming back with a intelligent response, they start name calling, that also does not help there side. By the way, next week it will be 30 years since I saw my 20's.

My understanding is that the climate change thought to be occuring is not simply about the ocean warming and glacier melting. Rather, because of the complexity of weather patterns and how one factor impacts another, we will likely see more extreme weather in multiple ways: more freezing weather in the winter, more heat waves in the summer, and more super storms.

Read any of the many national articles written yesterday when it was revealed that 2012 was the hottest,

Thirteen of the warmest years recorded happened within the last decade and a half.
Only the years 2001-2010 match the heat levels recorded over the past 10 years.

Let me guess, Just a Gut is a Tea Party member, they don't believe in Science. Another mild winter dittohead.

I can come back with counter articles against it, one of them a report put out but your guy administration saying that Global Warming is not true. a report that was quickly buried by the chosen one.
I am not going to get in a pissing match with the likes of you. Not sure who named you the king of commenters on here like you think you are. You are quick to jump all over everyone's post, then call them names. I simply stated so so far all your comments about the weather have been WRONG!
Guess it is easy to hide behind a key board, be a troll, and put down everyone one who does not agree with you. Please note, you started the name calling first, but that is what liberals do.

Liberal, you have made a comment on here about global warming on every post about the weather, and so far you have been wrong every time. You said we would not have a white Christmas, when in fact we did. Then when the forecast was for 8 inches of snow you said it was going to rain. Guess what, we got over 8 inches. Now you are saying the forecast calling for cold weather to return is wrong. Please don't let the truth get in the way of your Al Gore believes.
Where was all the global warming posts 2 years ago when we had record setting snow fall? They call it a "average" snow fall for a reason. If you average out the last 3 years of snow, we are right where we should be.
Last thing, channel 5 said the week of Christmas that in our area, there is only a 20% chance of having a white Christmas.

B.S. That will put us towards the end of January, this next warmth will melt all of the snow by Monday. The sun just gets higher every day from here on out. Basically it will have been another mild winter. Global warming is REAL!