Central Massachusetts Storm Prediction Downgraded

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Saturday's winter storm is looking less severe in the central Massachusetts area.
Saturday's winter storm is looking less severe in the central Massachusetts area. Photo Credit: National Weather Service

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — Forecasters have downgraded severity of the winter storm expected to hit the central Massachusetts area Saturday.

"Energy from the west has weakened, moisture supply has not developed, the track has turned to the south and as a consequence, I am downgrading this storm to no more than four to eight inches as the highest accumulation in the Shrewsbury area, with less to the south and east," stated Shrewsbury Weather Analyst Jim Arnold.

According to Arnold, wet and heavy snow should begin by late afternoon Saturday, although there could be some flurries at any time during the day.

The higher ground of the Worcester hills to the north and west of the Shrewsbury/Worcester area likely will see accumulations in the 6- to 8-inch range because they will see the coldest temperatures, he said, with 4-6 inches accumulating in the greater Shrewsbury area.

The National Weather Service still is calling for a 100 percent chance of precipitation for Saturday night and a 90 percent chance for Sunday.

A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect from 3 p.m. Saturday to midnight Sunday.

Monday's weather looks to be partly sunny with a high of 39 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

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Comments (10)

Face it, thanks to climate change this winter is basically over, and another mild one at that, you'll be golfing n March 15th.

Gut, since you're fond of researching weather predictions, please tell us how many times Mr. Arnold under-estimated snow accumulation. I'm guessing it's never. And as for how many times he's been spot on, I'm guessing rarely.

My problem with Mr. Arnold is one that I have with most of the "major media" meteorologists. They're fear-mongers, over-estimating snowfall accumulation to rile up the populace in the hopes of gaining ratings -- or in the case of this site, page hits.

Leicester Daily Voice dropped Mr. Jubinville -- who actually lives in Leicester, and whose forecasts were usually spot-on -- for someone who lives in Shrewsbury . . . a half-hour drive away from Leicester and whose forecasts are usually wrong, very wrong, or horribly wrong.

I guess he's generating enough fear-driven hits to make him popular with the Daily Voice management.

Yes, I agree that they ALL go way overboard when ever there is any storm forecasted. Just you appear to be taken it all out on Mr. Arnold because he replaced someone you liked.
Yes, I put a little time into the forecasts last night, at least I backed up what I said. In your own words, you are "guessing" about his forecasts. As I stated, everyone had this one wrong.
I do have a life, so I have no idea when Mr. Arnold replaced your guy, but the way you are carrying on, it was not that long ago. I know last year there where a lot of storms, including the hurricane around Halloween that was not as bad as it was supposed to be.
My last comment on this matter, you were not making fun of Mr. Arnold 2 weeks ago when he nailed the big storm! You only come out when he is not spot on.

I'm thankful the storm has been downgraded and I won't be waiting for the DPW to do their job before I can drive on the roads!

Arnold went from 9-14 inches earlier in the week to 6-8 inches a few hours before the storm. Judging by the inch or so I see on the ground this morning, he's only "not far off" if you accidentally mistake centimeters for inches.

Like I said before, he is not the only one who's forecast called for 6-8 inches. After reading your post yesterday, I watched/DVR all the weather stations at 6 last night. ALL of them were calling for the same amount, if not more than what Mr. Arnold called for. Also like I said yesterday, even the NWS you are so in love with were calling for more. My point is, it is clear you are pushing for the other guy, we all get it.

OK, we get it, you do not like Mr. Arnold's forecasts! I am beginning to wonder if you are Dick Jubinville yourself posting on here! Mr. Arnold's forecasts, for the most part, have not been that far off. Every other weather person was forecasting the same thing as him, then pulled back the amounts. Even the NWS, as you like to quote, pulled down the amounts.

Nice of Mr. Arnold to dial back his wild predictions a few hours before things begin.

The NWS forecast for Worcester as of Saturday afternoon is 1-3 inches tonight, and 1-2 inches tomorrow. In layman's math, that's 2-5 inches overall.

Since Jim Arnold's predicting 6-8 inches for Worcester, we can all expect the snow to be closer to the 2 inches than the 5.

Please bring back Dick Jubinville and his trustworthy forecasts.