Auburn Poll: Tighter Gun Control After Newtown Shooting?

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President Barack Obama has called for "meaningful action" in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook School in Newtown.
President Barack Obama has called for "meaningful action" in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook School in Newtown. Photo Credit: File photo

AUBURN, Mass. — Calls to strengthen the nation's gun control laws have come from parents and politicians — and even the president — in the days since 20 children and six adults were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Auburn, tell us what you think in the poll and comments section below.

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Auburn, do you think gun control laws should be strengthened after the shooting deaths of 26 people in Newtown?

  • Yes. But only ban assault weapons and large-ammunition clips.

  • Yes. Ban assault weapons and also make it harder for people to buy guns.

  • Yes. Ban all guns.

  • No. It is our right to own guns.

  • Undecided


The nation must "take meaningful action," President Barack Obama said when he spoke just a few hours after the shooting Friday. He repeated his call for the nation to discuss gun laws when he spoke at a vigil in Newtown on Sunday.

“We can't accept events like these as routine," Obama said in his speech. "Are we really prepared to say we are powerless in the face of such carnage — that the politics are too complicated?"

Gun-rights supporters, including the National Rifle Association, have been mostly quiet since the shooting. Republican U.S. Reps. Louis Gohmert of Texas and Don Richardson of Oregon have suggested arming more school faculty members.

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, of California, says she plans to introduce a bill that would ban assault weapons when the next Congress comes into session after the New Year.

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Comments (3)

There are over 300 million people in America. There are bound to be some evil and irresponsible ones. This will never change.

Banning guns will have the same street effect drugs have. Except the law abiding citizen's will be unarmed to fight back.

When I was in school we had a nurse at each school. Surly they can place a police officer in each school. We pay enough in taxes to support it.

The Democrat politicians use things like free cell phones, and food stamps to buy their votes. If they care about our children they will remove the cell phone's for felons and use some of that money to put police in our schools.

Along with the right to own arms is the responsibility for control of those arms. Also important to understand how numbers are presented in articles such as the one Bruce has posted.

There is no break down in numbers as to how many of those licenses were for large capacity and handgun permits, let alone how many of those were for the right to own or carry a handgun of any type. As salient would be how many permits were issued, not the percentage number.

Newtown appears to be an instance where control of firearms by the owner was compromised. Secure storage of arms is the owner's responsibility. The instance incredibly devastating and horrid in American society. Security in schools paramount in today's environment. Each and every entry now needing attention. Perhaps not to the point of military with arms at the doors but a real surveillance of the area should be a part of each schools system.

The current Massachusetts regulations are fair for owners and ultimately controlled by a chief of police. That factor alone has been the same for many decades. Kudos to the Worcester chief and I doubt the rationalization of permit numbers in Auburn is somehow at fault for a statistic relating fear and defense. Media will spin numbers any way they want, just as alarmist paramilitary militia groups that also do a disservice to the communities at large.

A touchy topic but one that should and could be productive in discussion. I choose "other" in response to this poll because it does not truly relate what Massachusetts gun control currently has in place.

Apropos of this article, a study today in ( reports that gun permit applications in Auburn rose 233% in the past four years.