Auburn Outdoor Ice Rink Open For Public Skating

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The outdoor ice skating rink at Prospect Street Park is now frozen and ready for action.
The outdoor ice skating rink at Prospect Street Park is now frozen and ready for action. Photo Credit: Town of Auburn

AUBURN, Mass. – Put on your hat and gloves, sharpen those skates and get ready for a fun time because Auburn’s outdoor ice skating rink is now open to the public.

There will be free skating from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily at Prospect Street Park in the Veterans Memorial Corridor, unless otherwise posted, Town Manager Julie Jacobson said Thursday. The town’s Department of Public Works constructed the rink, and it froze with the recent frigid temperatures.

The rink is next to Chuck’s Steakhouse and the Dunkin’ Donuts on Southbridge Street.

“We’re very excited to provide skating to our residents,” Jacobson said. “The rink will be great for local businesses in the area. People can go into Dunkin’ Donuts for hot cocoa, or they can go into Chuck’s for food afterward. We’re very excited.  

“We’re also hoping this rink draws attention to the beautiful veterans corridor,” she added.

The rink will be smaller than the one proposed for Pakachoag Village, but it will still be a good size for kids, Jacobson said. There will be benches next to the rink, it will be visible from the road and attendees can park in Chuck’s Steakhouse’s parking lot, Jacobson said.

The town’s Recreation and Culture Department is still hoping to hold skating programs at the rink, according to Jacobson.

The decision to build a rink at Prospect Street Park comes a few weeks after the Auburn Housing Authority wouldn’t approve a skating rink on its land at Pakachoag Village, adjacent to the Senior Center.

“We hope to still collaborate next year with the Housing Authority, and, hopefully, Pakachoag Village will work out,” Jacobson said. “But we’re excited for the public to come out to Prospect Park this winter.”

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Comments (3)

You haven't been on many Auburn roads have you?

I live in a neighboring town but have to say that you Auburn people are blessed to have Julie Jacobson. She gets stuff done. It looks like every street in Auburn has been repaved sine she took over, great job on getting the rink done. 50 degree weather coming this week won't help much though.

Lets Go Skating!!!!!!!!!!!