Auburn Chamber of Commerce Applauds Selectmen Vote

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The Auburn Chamber of Commerce was happy that the Board of Selectmen recently voted to move towards a single tax rate. Photo Credit: Auburn Chamber of Commerce

AUBURN, Mass. – The Auburn Chamber of Commerce is praising the Board of Selectmen’s decision in November to lower the commercial/industrial property tax rate, which follows a trend of the last six years.

Selectmen voted at  the tax-classification hearing on Nov. 13, to bring 2012’s commercial, industrial, personal property (CIP) tax shift of 1.30 percent down to 1.25 percent. This means that residential properties valued at $218,750 will pay $85 more in taxes, while commercial businesses valued at $1,026,000 will save $955 and industrial businesses valued at $1,258,000 will save $1,170.

“This is the sixth consecutive year of a reduction in the tax burden on Auburn’s businesses and another step on the way towards parity - a single tax rate for all property owners,” said the Auburn Chamber of Commerce in a written statement. “The Chamber’s goal is to continue to work with the selectmen towards a single tax rate. This joint effort sends the message that Auburn is both business and resident friendly.

“The Chamber will continue to work on behalf of the business community until a single tax rate is achieved.”

Since fiscal year 2006, the Board of Selectmen has lowered the CIP differential from 1.62 to its current rating of 1.25.

Town Manager Julie Jacobson reported at the tax- classification hearing, and again at a Chamber breakfast held the following morning, that the town has experienced exceptional growth with both new businesses moving to Auburn as well as existing businesses choosing to remain and expand in Auburn.

“This is a direct result of the efforts of the Auburn Board of Selectmen, who continue to work towards moving to a single tax rate,” the Chamber stated. “As a result, the town has seen an increase in revenue from property taxes and is experiencing financial stability.”

The Chamber thanked all those who attended the tax- classification hearing, as well as those who forwarded letters of support directly to the Board of Selectmen. 

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