Haunted Hayride at Spooky Acres Is Great Fun

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'Ghouls' from a local dance studio, break into dance once they hear the music from "Thriller" Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri
The scary guy from SAW makes an appearance Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri
another ghoul wanders around the loading area in the dark Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri
Crowds moving into the loading area for the hayride Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri

MILLBURY, Mass. - The Haunted Hayride at Spooky Acres in Millbury was off to a big start this weekend as crowds of families packed into the Millbury Youth Camp on Herricks Lane.

Run as always by Paul Gasco, the attraction was packed so tight on early Saturday evening, some people were turned away and asked to come back later as there was no place to put them.

Besides the haunted hayride, the camp is used throughout the year by the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Girls as well as for an Easter Egg Hunt, and the Chain of Lights.

Gasco likes to changes his hayride attractions every year to keep it fresh and interesting, and it has attained something of a cult status around Millbury.

"Starting around early September, my phone will start ringing off the hook," he said. "People start calling and say, 'What do want me to do Paul,' volunteering their time. It's really amazing the number of people who really look forward to working here, setting up the attractions and clearing the land. It grows every year."

This year, they have added some 3-D special effects, complete with the 3-D glasses and some other cool effects that can't be mentioned here as to not ruin the surprise.

"Between the set-up and the staffing, we have around 70 people here," working the hayride, Gasco said.

One of the more cool attractions was a group of ghouls who wander aimlessly around the waiting area for tickets and loading. But once they hear the music from Micheal Jackson's "Thriller", they burst into dance. The ghouls, dancers from a local studio, put on a nice show while crowds wait for the real scares.

For the next couple of weekends, be very leery about walking in the dark near Herricks Lane, because the woods will be packed with ghouls, spectors and many other eerie creatures that go bump in the night.

There is food available in the Witches Kitchen, music and plenty of great, scary fun for the entire family.

The Hayride will run each night from 7-10 p.m. Tickets are $10 for kids and adults, with children 3 and under admitted for free.

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