Auburn Church Collects Bikes For Africa

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St. Joseph Church of Auburn is asking residents for donations of bikes this holiday season. Photo Credit: File photo

AUBURN, Mass. – Do you have any unwanted or not-used-enough bikes that are crowding your garage? If you do, then you can contribute to St. Joseph Church of Auburn’s bike drive this holiday season.

St. Joseph Church is sponsoring “Bikes for Africa” in a bicycle collection drive up to Dec. 22. The church is accepting mountain, road, BMX, adult or kids bikes that can still be used.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re old or new bikes,” said Jim Wood, the drive’s organizer. “Any bikes of any condition will be accepted. Our goal is to get bikes in the hands of people who wouldn’t have them otherwise.

“It changes lives if they are able to have transportation and mobility,” Wood added.

The bikes will primarily go to Ghana, a third-world country that has an ongoing need for transportation.

“They have a constant need for bikes over there, so it’s great to give them transportation that we readily have available over here,” he said. “There’s a lot of waste here with people throwing away bikes, so we’re hoping instead of people throwing away their bikes, they’ll donate them to our bike drive.”

In addition, some of the children’s bikes will be given to inner-city churches in Worcester. St. Joseph Church is also looking for unwanted sewing machines. There is no cost to donate.

Email or call 508-277-6728 to arrange a convenient pickup of your bike or bikes at your home or business.

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