Three Hip Chicks Are In The Pink With New Website

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The Three Hip Chicks, Christine Forte, Heather Berube and Christine Wehmann, pose on the pink carpet during their relaunch party at the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi

GRAFTON, Mass. – Heather Berube, Christine Forte and Christine Wehmann have always been Three Hip Chicks. It took a monogrammed bracelet to make it official.

The Grafton trio – Forte and Berube are sisters, Wehmann is their mother – recently relaunched their online business, Three Hip Chicks. The site specializes in what they call "preppy style for the modern girl," which boils down to a lot of monogramming.

There are bangle bracelets like the silver bracelet Berube and Forte originally snagged for Wehmann for Mother's Day back in 2005, the piece that began their monogramming empire. Their jewelry line now includes celebrity pieces by designers such as Moon and Lola, Shame on Jane, and Caja. There are monogrammed bags and towels, pillows and melamine plates, office items and notepads.

"We added a lot of new items and cleared out some things, and we did a lot of work on the website," Berube said. "Now you can see how your item will look as you choose the fonts, the colors, the patterns. It's really just a better shopping experience."

That means a lot of choices when a shopper selects her new phone, iPad or Kindle case. Phone and tech cases are new to the line since, of course, no modern preppy girl can live without a personalized case.

Overall, there are 60 product categories with thousands of options for styles, colors, patterns and fonts.

"My sister and I quit our jobs, and we've decided to go for it and make this our full-time business," Berube said. "We've come a long way since our first bracelets."

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Comments (6)


I would like to mention as this was left out of the article, the THC relaunch event, was also a benefit for Dress for Success Worcester in which $700 was raised in an hour. DFS is a fantastic organization that helps women in the Worcester, MA area by providing professional attire, support and career development tools to succeed in work and life. THC supports the Grafton community, and are regular supporters and contributors to many, many fundraisers, including October Fest, The Food Pantries Ladies Night Out, Dana Farber to name a few. We appreciate this article and the support our community as well. We hope to inspire future Grafton women entrepreneurs! All products are made in the USA by talented Jewelers and artists.




thank you


This type of story where local individual(s) start up a new idea for a business always sounds like good news to me. The jewelry/fashion angle that these ladies are trying to develop could mean more Central Mass jobs in the future if their endeavor takes off. I support them!

Bubba P. Cletus:

This a news story or a paid advertisement?


Please keep me updated on the success of this venture!

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