Grafton Family Sues Trader Joe's For Salmonella

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Valencia Creamy Peanut Butter was recalled by Trader Joe's.
Valencia Creamy Peanut Butter was recalled by Trader Joe's. Photo Credit: Trader Joe's

GRAFTON, Mass.- A South Grafton family is suing grocer Trader Joe’s and a food manufacturer after they say their 4-year-old son contracted salmonella from peanut butter.

Jason and Brandi Henson filed a lawsuit with Worcester County Superior Court after tests came back positive for a strain of the food borne infection that was linked to 29 other cases in 19 states.   

The Henson’s son, Jackson, became sick in July after eating Valencia Creamy Peanut Butter, a brand they bought at a Trader Joe’s supermarket in Shrewsbury.  Jackson, like many children his age, considers peanut butter a staple in his diet.  Today, the boy is fully recovered and doing well.

“We discovered the link between the peanut butter and the salmonella poisoning two days before Trader Joe’s issued a recall,” said Jason Henson, Jackson’s father.

The suit was filed Oct. 4 against Trader Joe’s and Sundland Corporation, the manufacturer.  

“My client was feeding what she believed was a safe product,” said Attorney William D. Marler in a prepared statement.  

Suspected in the outbreak are 16-ounce containers with "use by" dates of May 23, 2013 and June 28, 2013.  Trader Joe’s has posted a warning on its website.

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Comments (15)

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I like how on the bottle it emphasizes "Sea Salt." "Sea Salt" is the biggest scam going on right now. All salt is "sea salt". They label it that way to make people think they are getting something healthier and more natural, but salt is salt.

The whole organic/all natural craze is ridiculous. I most recently saw "all natural" peanut butter cups. For kicks, I compared the label on the "all natural" variety to the standard Reese's, and I found the Reese's had the same ingredients, and actually there were more in the "all natural" that I didn't recognize. Also, the "all natural" were more unhealthy.

It's unfortunate their son contracted this. I don't know that TJ is the right one to sue but they have a right to do this it's America. I've always found the store to be very helpful in returns for whatever reason obviously this is different case than "I don't like it".

As far as GMOs or Monsanto or whatever, I don't think this has anything to do with that issue. GMO the horse has left the barn in many respects depending on how you look at it genetic modification has been ongoing for thousands of years. What I think bears looking at are the Roundup gene manipulation - very potentially scary stuff.

Again nothing to do with salmonella these have happened several times at processing plants in the past several years. It also affected Whole Foods I imagine they might be sued too. Salmonella is a bacteria this one is a rare one maybe all the overuse of antibiotics in the food supply has something to do with it.

It's nice to see that we live in this sue happy society where people just go after anything to get a few bucks. I bet that lawyer is ready to pocket his 33%. What a disgrace that these folks call themselves parents.

I heard the settlement includes Trader Joe's selling the company to the combined estates of Sammy Davis Junior and Ella Fitzgerald. The family wants the new name to be Sam and Ella's.

Which did they call first -- the doctor or the lawyer?

Only in America, is the first thought, who can sue.

So wait a company has an unsfafe environment causing their product to be faulty. this product sickens multiple people and causes a 4 year old boy to be sick for over a month and will cause behavior problems for up to a year and the company should not pay a penalty? please.

I admire that they sent the peanut butter out for testing. I'm not sure, I would know where to get peanut butter tested. Anyways, I give the family some credit.
With that said, this story is troublesome, because I don't know if all this is for purpose, or for malaise.

Well the hospital where the young boy was staying and had to get treated probably had a hand in this to stop a futher outbreak. A number of people were sickened byt his PB

Trader Joe's didn't manufacture the damned stuff. Are they nuts? Just looking for a fast buck.

That's what you get for being trader joe shopping hipsters. Trader Joes uses Monsanto crap like everyone else. But of course Trader Joes customers blind to this and only shop there because it's trendy. If corporate America says it's better, it must be right? Keep being trendy Sheeple.

For real???? The child is well with no ill effects? But let's go ahead with a law suit? I sure hope the judge that is unfortunate enough to deal with this case, sends this family packing.

lol this was funny. So the company that has an unsafe plant (and was warned about their unsafe plant) should get off scott free?