Auburn McDonald's Celebrates New Look

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McDonald’s of Auburn representative Mark Birch, General Manager Katy Riedle, Supervisor Ana Morena, Auburn Selectman Steve Simonian and Ronald McDonald celebrate the grand reopening of the Auburn McDonald's. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro
McDonald's presents the Auburn Jazz band with a donation of $500. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro
The McDonald's in Auburn is newly renovated. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro
The McDonald's in Auburn is newly renovated. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro
The McDonald's features a new double-lane drive-through. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro
McDonald's marketing supervisor Michael Gross and Ronald McDonald pose in the newly renovated space. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro

AUBURN, Mass. — McDonald's in Auburn celebrated its 40th year with a new look after the restaurant on Auburn Street got a facelift this month.

In honor of the new look for the golden arches, McDonald’s restaurant representatives and staff celebrated the grand reopening Wednesday with community members.

“We’re changing with the times – and we never stop looking for ways to improve,” McDonald’s of Auburn representative Mark Birch. said “This new McDonald’s speaks to the needs of our customers and our community. We want our customers to enjoy every part of the McDonald’s experience.”

To mark the occasion, McDonald's held a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Ronald McDonald and a performance by the Auburn High School Jazz Band.

"These guys have been a great part of Auburn," Selectman Steve Simonian said.

McDonalds has provided a nice environment for families to bring their children and "feel like they're home as well," said Ana Morena, supervisor of the Auburn restaurant.

The all-new McDonald’s of Auburn boasts new features inside and out, including a double-lane drive-through. Modern interior features and contemporary décor, including flat screen TVs and free Wi-Fi, create a welcoming atmosphere for customers to dine and relax.

Auburn High School, just a short distance away, has been a big supporter of the restaurant, Morena said. As a way to give back, McDonald's donated $500 to the school's band.

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Comments (10)


Lets start with the double lane comments first, what do you want a second building to accommodate the two lanes or a bank type suction tube so you can complain that your food is cold? Obviously it is a tried and true method. They would not spend the money on an upgrade like that to make you complain. The store is right off of 290 and minutes from the mass pike what do you expect. They are corporate, the shirt and ties of the company always try to make your experience the best as possible.
And as for the fat ghetto lady, yes I was in the lobby for that. I was laughing myself, Calling the girl at the front counter a "sweat trick". What do you expect, she's in auburn talking and acting like that. She stood out. Plane and simple. And you, I remember you. Didn't you go up after her and then complain about all of your food and then get a $30 refund for like 5 people? The thing you have to understand is that they service like 3000 people a day. And people complain, that's how society has built us. There's always going to be people that expect something served that tastes like filet minon for a dollar. If not at %100 they are a %99.9999999999999999999999.

Town Resident:

"obviously it is a tried and true method". YES, so why doesn't it work at this store? This store is grossly mismanaged and it has nothing to do with being right off of 290. I'm not complaining, just commenting. With all the other fast food options within a couple of miles, it is easy to simply avoid this locale.


While I agree the double lane, single pay is an epic fail since the lanes are merged back together, I have to call you other commenters out. Seriously. It's McDonalds. Perhaps if you want an Epic meal, you should set your sites a bit higher than McDonalds. The people that work there are minimum wage. Regional management often jump starts their day by yelling, writing people up for things NOT related to what your complaining about thereby lowering morale, which in turn makes them loathe their job and not really care about customer service. The boneheads that run the lower level know nothing about how to extend decent customer service. Until they fix that, and return to the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" model, the quality of service and food will never improve.

My advice: Go to Papa Gino's or even Chili's. Burgers are way better at both establishments, not to mention, you have other choices.

PS: I like McDonald's just fine for what I expect from it. Fast, convenient food at a reasonable price. Beyond that, "The Steakloft" it's not.

Auburn resident:

The Double drive thru was a total failure. Now you can be in line first on the inside lane and have to wait for cars that came in after you, who used the outside lane. That or smash them out of the way.

Then of course when you reach the window you have to confirm your order.

Town Resident:

This location is always horrible. Crazy lines inside and out. The double drive through has not helped at all. I'm not a big fast food person, but this particular store is definitely one to avoid.


Cheap shot at Steve S., but agree that the double drive thru doesn't make much sense if there is still only 1 pay and pick up window.


That Ronald McDonald is even creepier than Steve Simonian. We should get a Checkers they have "Rap Cat" "Meow, ma ma, meow, me, ow, me, a, meow"


Went to the "New" McDonalds a week ago....yes, a double line to order but not to pay or pickup...while in line for the drive through,, we were blocking parking spaces and almost got hit by someone trying to back out of their space...decided to park and go inside instead, figuring it would be safer and quicker. Inside,a woman had a problem with her order, and as soon as she turned her back, the employees were laughing at her. not cool. We ordered a chocolate shake and what you get is vanilla and chocolate swirl...not chocolate. That is unsatisfactory..our cheeseburgers were awful...the cheese was cold, not even partially melted on our cold burgers....again, unsatisfactory....never going back. There are plenty of other places to go that are more customer friendly, have better parking, and you get a better product for the same money. Wish they left the place was better before the changes.

Auburn resident:

I bought some coffee's last night.

1 lrg black
1 lrg black decaf
1 lrg decaf only cream

I watched the woman manager pour regular caffeine coffee to finish filling my mother's decaf which was about 1/2. My mother has a pacemaker and isn't supposed to have caffeine.
But here is the kicker. They gave me the black reg, and the cream 1/2 and 1/2. Then MADE ME PULL UP AND WAIT FOR THE BLACK DECAF.

That manager just doesn't care, or isn't smart enough to understand why people order certain foods.


Hi Junebugger81,

We’re really sorry to hear about your recent experience. McDonald’s is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Please send an email to so we can learn more.

Thanks in advance,
McDonald’s of Eastern New England

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